Friday 26th March: Virtual Showcase with Paul Walker and Karen Pfeiffer March 20, 2021 12:08

Friday 26th March: Virtual Showcase with Paul Walker and Karen Pfeiffer

 8pm (Meeting opens at 7:45pm)


Appearing this evening:

8:00pm Tony Tregidgo

8:30pm Penny McLaren Walker and Bryan Causton

9:00pm Karen Hart

9:30pm Paul Walker and Karen Pfeiffer



Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer
So, what is it that makes this internationally touring duo so irresistible? Could it be Karen’s German accent tinged with an oatcake-induced North Staffordshire dialect? Or Paul’s besotted gaze whenever she takes to the microphone? Or is it simply the exquisitely performed music and the happy, warm feeling everyone seems to get at their shows…

With their unique onstage-chemistry and their widely praised harmonies, the Anglo-German duo Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer entertain and engage their audiences “in a very likable, humorous style”. Combining their own beautifully written songs with a fine choice of folk favourites, Paul’s vocal and individual guitar style blended with Karen’s voice, clear and yet so powerful, leaves audiences mesmerised:
“I have never seen our audience so spellbound!” exclaimed a promoter recently while Graham Norton commented: “Great show!”

Karen adds with alto and tenor recorders, Irish flute and whistle - and not to mention the odd German ‘joke’ - to this fantastically entertaining performance.
A memorable time of great music and fun awaits. Definitely not to be missed!





Karen Hart
Karen Hart is a multi-award winning singer, guitarist, percussionist and songwriter from Los Angeles. She is the winner of the West Coast Songwriters’ ‘Song of the Year’; the Los Angeles Women-In-Music’s ‘Best of the Best’; the Barry Manilow Award for Lyric Writing and Music Connection Magazine’s ‘Top Performances That Have Moved Us’. Karen has been honored with three world premieres of her music at the Los Angeles Music Center. Her songs for motion pictures have been singled out by Variety, People and the L.A. Times as “the best parts of the movie.” In a wide-ranging career, Karen was the singing voice of Sigourney Weaver in the Showtime movie Snow White, wrote all the songs for the Divine cult classic motion picture comedy Lust In The Dust, and, at the other end of the spectrum, Karen she sang at the Vatican for Pope John Paul II. She has performed on numerous occasions with the Los Angeles Symphony, and her unique award-winning music for large choir and orchestra is performed and recorded worldwide.
"Wow! Karen’s music deserves to be heard” - Morten Lauridsen, National Medal of Arts.

"Karen writes everything you could hope for in a song. I am a huge fan” - Arthur Hamilton, ASCAP Board of Directors.

Any tips will be donated to the Cancer Support Community and the Camp deBenneville Music Camp:





Penni McLaren Walker and Bryan Causton
Penni and Bryan have very similar musical tastes, ideas and influences, and when they play together, their styles are not only complementary, but create a new and unique synergy. Their performances take the audience on a journey that encompasses a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with songs, tunes and their own brand of musical adventure. Their style is very much in the ‘new tradition’ with superb energy and musical synamism.





Tony Tregidgo
Tony has played as a guitarist and drummer in a number of bands over the years. A keen songwriter, he finally got around to performing his own songs in 2016. Tony enjoys playing traditional acoustic guitar as well as experimenting with electric guitar sounds.
His influences include blues, Americana, Indie and folk music. He has recently been trying to stay sane by participating in regular open mic nights.

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