Cambridge Folk Club returning to live music April 6, 2021 23:52

Thank you to all of you who have supported the Club through the last difficult year. The Cambridge Folk Club will be returning to live music. We will do this as soon as it is safe enough for our performers and audience to do so. This won’t be until the Autumn at the earliest. We hope to return to The Golden Hind, but if social distancing is still in place, this will restrict the size of our audience. So, for bigger names only, we may use the NCI Club, as has happened in the past. We are also considering keeping some of our gigs on line – perhaps one a month - so that we can maintain contact with all those audience members and musicians who have joined us from the States, Germany and France, as well as from further afield in the UK, during the last year of restrictions.

We anticipate that, to keep our venue Covid-safe, there will be additional tasks to be done, such as cleaning all the equipment, including the chairs, which we use each week. We may also have to keep Track and Trace informed. Therefore, we would be very grateful to hear from anyone who feels that they could help us out, either setting up beforehand and/or packing away after the event.

Please contact us on