20231109: Thursday 9th November 2023: While and Matthews


At Storey's Field Centre, Eddington Avenue, Cambridge CB3 1AA

8pm (Doors open 7:30pm)

Entry: £17(door), £16(advance), £15(members).

While & Matthews Autumn Tour video:  Duo Autumn Tour 23.MOV

Chris While & Julie Matthews are the longest-lasting female duo in Britain and have played more than 3,000 gigs, appeared on over 100 albums, written hundreds of original songs and reached millions of people around the world. Now, 28 years after their debut, they sound as fresh and vital as ever!

Chris (vocals, guitar, banjo, dulcimer, bodhran and percussion, and Julie (vocals, piano, guitar, mandolin and bouzouki) are renowned for their seamless harmonies and affinity for each other on stage. They are stunning singers, songwriters, musicians and performers whose energy and commitment to their craft and their audience is boundless.


Two of the best and most hard-working musicians on the world folk roots scene, they are also highly-regarded producers who record everything that they are involved in at their own studio in a small Pennine town far from the Londoncentric music industry. They truly are inspirational women.


They already have eleven studio albums together, two live albums and two 'Best Of' collections, plus a songbook. Their new album Women Of The World was released in October last year to critical acclaim. Julie has three solo albums, while Chris has five. All in all in they have appeared on over 100 albums.


Chris and Julie have a vision. They stick to it, and they do it right. Their story is inspirational to young women and empowering to older women in equal measure. Their 27-year career culminates the work of two women doing what they do best.  Join this celebration of longevity, equality, empowerment and commitment to the muse.


On this very special evening, they will be dipping into their huge catalogue of songs, taking you through every emotion it's possible to have.


“They light up the room with their amazing energy” - James Taylor


The undisputed queens of British folk duos continue to come up with the goods. First class songs delivered with to-die-for harmonies, immaculate musicianship and melodies that lodge themselves in your brain" - The Guardian.