20200515V: Virtual Showcase with Handsome Bill Kelly


8pm (Meeting opens at 7:45pm)

8.00 - 8.20 pm Oakleas Rise

8.20 - 8.40 pm Delta Tom

8.40 - 9.00 pm Tobiah

9.00 - 9.30 pm George Breakfast

9.30 - 10.00 pm Handsome Bill Kelly (USA)


Joining us from the States will be Bill Kelly, a poet, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who has released four albums of original music. His vocal and instrumental work has been featured in numerous films, and he has supported numerous artists including Louden Wainwright III.


We also have George Breakfast, an old friend of Bill's, now well known on the Cambridge music scene. George has been picking and scratching on stringed instruments to accompany his songs since he was about thirteen. He has made a number of solo recordings and has been a member of all kinds of line-ups.

Joining us from Sussex is singer/songwriter Tobiah, whose stories are as pure and genuine as the voice that carries them. Her work resolves life's experiences into hope and strength in a way that everyone understands.

Delta Tom (aka Tom Colborn) is a roots blues singer-songwriter based in Cambridge who writes his own songs as well as playing legendary tunes from the tradition.

Oakleas Rise is the collaboration of Northamptonshire-based singer/songwriters Lesley Curtis and Stuart McLeod who write and perform their own music – a mix of country and folk. They began writing together in 2012 and released their debut album ‘Little White Lies, in 2019. They are now working on their second.
Donations via paypal: music@oakleasrise.co.uk