20200221: Friday 21st February: Peter Knight and John Spiers


Support: Kelly and Woolley


Knight & Spiers:

On a summer's day in 2016, the organisers of FolkEast Festival masterminded one of the most intriguing and exciting collaborations on today's folk scene.

Legendary fiddle player, Peter Knight, was paired with leading melodeon player and Bellowhead co-founder, John Spiers, for a special one-off performance which left audiences in awe. With no space to be found in the marquee, people stood five deep in the pouring rain in order to witness the bringing together of two of the most genuinely gifted musicians in their respective fields.

With a standing ovation and roars for more, and much to the delight of folk fans everywhere, Knight and Spiers decided not to leave things there.

As collaborations go, it doesn't get much more mouth-watering than this.

While Peter Knight, as part of Steeleye Span’s classic 1970s line-up, helped invent a brand of folk rock that is still influential today, John Spiers, has had an equally profound impact on the landscape of traditional music over the last two decades.

The pairing of violin and melodeon is not a new one, but in the hands of Knight and Spiers, Improvisation and invention meet the listener at every turn. Together they have created a musical document that resonates with history, but also something that should inspire future generations of musicians to engage with Britain’s folk dancing heritage, and the beautiful, mysterious tunes that can be found within that heritage.

These uniquely gifted musicians make a sublime pairing, and create a live performance to be remembered for a long time.



“Knight’s playing is a revelation. A world away from folky fiddling, it’s fully informed by the classical style, all long sweeping bow strokes and eloquent legato. Yet he never loses the essential folk heart of the music, tracing a graceful line of his own making”

 “Contemplative, accomplished…an evening to relish for some time to come"

"(The melodeon) is a curious kind of versatile, but Spiers knows exactly how to capture and manipulate its range, adding maximum colour and savour to the music"

All quotes from Su O’Brien’s Review of Cambridge Folk Festival’s ‘City Roots’ at Folking.com



Kelly and Woolley are an acoustic duo who hail from Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds. They sing songs and play tunes from a wide variety of styles, but particularly cajun, folk, bluegrass and country. They have been playing together as a duo for five years and perform regularly in venues across the region.
Matt is a multi instrumentalist and plays in a number of orchestras as well as Thursday’s Band with Mark Gamon, Lucinda Fudge and Nick Blishen. 
Gary started playing the guitar and singing songs at the age of 14. His early influences were Nick Drake, John Martyn and Tir Na Nog and more recently Dick Gaughan, Nic Jones, Pete Morton and Roger Wilson.




8pm (Doors open 7:30pm)

Entry: £15.