20220603: Friday 3rd June 2022: Open Stage with special guest Elie Rees


with David Pierce; Stefan Kaye; Judy & Marion; Alan Coogan; Demian Dorelli; David Leney; Rhys Wilson.


At the Golden Hind, 355 Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 1SP

8pm (Doors open 7:30pm)

Entry: £5(door), £4(advance), £3(members).


Dave Pierce:

Dave is a folk/roots songwriter who has been performing since the early 70s. Since moving to Cambridge in 2014, he has played regularly at local venues. Rooted in the English and American folk traditions, his song topics range widely from folk tales to contemporary issues. Additionally, influences include singer/songwriter Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon, Ewan McColl, Ralph McTell and Harvey Andrews. He released his first EP, Sighting Shots, in 2017.


Stefan Kaye:

Stefan began playing guitar at the age of 15 and especially likes playing songs from the middle ground between pop and folk, by Don McLean, Simon & Garfunkel, Ralph McTell and the like, as well as more traditional English folk. In 2020 he composed the very fine song “The Ballad of Mr Asbo”, about a badly behaved local swan, for the Cambridge North Folk Song Project.


Judy & Marion:

Judy and Marion are two of The Threebys, who, with their friend Pat, enjoy harmonising to Marion’s piano accompaniment. Judy and Marion began working together on Ralph Vaughan Williams’ folk songs arrangements, and they now perform a wide range of covers, including songs by Joan Baez and Nancy Kerr. They have even begun to compose their own material.  


Alan Coogan:

Alan is an excellent songwriter/guitarist whose songs tell stories and investigate issues with empathy and emotion. A familiar face at many local music events, Alan has composed songs about Newmarket’s celebrated Warren Hill, and code-breaking expert Bill Tutte, who was born in Newmarket.


Demian Dorelli:

Cult folk/pop singer-songwriter Nick Drake’s iconic third and final album Pink Moon has been rearranged for solo piano by Cambridge pianist and composer Demian Dorelli. ‘Nick Drake’s Pink Moon, A Journey on Piano’ is Demian’s first solo piano album, released in October 2021 on Ponderosa Music Records. Anticipating the 50th anniversary of Pink Moon in 2022, it is the first full cover album ever recorded of Drake’s music and exploring and paying tribute to his unique guitar playing, experimental tuning and floating melodies, but now reimagined on solo piano. 

Demian explains that the project “inspired by my love for the music of one of our most enigmatic singer-songwriters, Nick Drake”, drove him to create something which “might help remind us of his magic”.

This is Demian’s first appearance at Cambridge Folk Club. You can find him on all social media channels and listen to the album here:


David Leney:

David plays fiddle in a local folk group and enjoys accompanying singers. He also enjoys song-writing and performing, accompanying himself on guitar. His lyrics are really important to him and many of his songs tell a story and are inspired by the sea and coatal areas. This is his first appearance at Cambridge Folk Club.

Rhys Wilson:

Singer/songwriter Rhys has been playing acoustic clubs since he was 15. He’s been playing the local music scene here since the 90s as a soloist and as an accompanist for others including John Meed; Taylor, Wilson & O’Neill, and is currently a member of Thursday’s Band. He released Moving Forward in 2020, and his current album is Diary Days.




Elie Rees:

We’re very pleased to welcome acoustic folk singer/guitarist Elie as our special guest this evening. Her raw and emotive songwriting combines a rare fragility and strength. Drawing on her background in folk music, her narrative lyrics of hurt and resolution are complemented by acoustic guitar accompaniments which are sometimes sparse, and sometimes more percussive. Her 2019 album Gold Dirt reached No 7 in the i-tunes singer/songwriter charts.