20220422: Friday 22nd April 2022: Honey and the Bear


Support: Clark and Johnson

At the Golden Hind, 355 Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 1SP

8pm (Doors open 7:30pm)

Entry: £11(door), £10(advance), £9(members).

If possible, please buy tickets in advance.

To ensure social distancing, the number of seats will be limited.


Honey & the Bear
British folk and roots duo Honey & the Bear combine delicately interweaving vocal harmonies with emotive and evocative songwriting. With a diverse range of sounds and textures, and rhythms that flow from the fast and furious to gentle ballads, their live performances are spirited and dynamic. Conjuring stories in song, they tell tales of Suffolk folklore, courageous people they admire, their passion for nature and the odd heartbreak or two.

The multi instrumentalist pair, comprised of songwriters Jon Hart (guitar, bass, bazouki) and Lucy Hart (guitar, ukulele, bass, banjo, mandolin & percussion), have been writing and performing together since early 2014, having met at a songwriting event two years previous. Since then, they have played at many revered venues and festivals across the UK as well as travelled across the channel for their first European tour.

In July 2019 they released their first full studio album ‘Made In The Aker’ which was followed by a UK tour as a four piece band in October 2019 alongside fellow musicians Toby Shaer of Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys & Cara Dillon and Evan Carson of Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys and The Willows . The album was well received by both their ever growing fan base and the critics.

2020 and the onset of the coronavirus pandemic saw the duo grounded and many gigs cancelled, but their music has prevailed in the form of Sunday night facebook live streams of which they performed thirty-two throughout the year 2020. After challenging themselves to write a new song for the first 12 weeks of the livestream, they successfully managed to produce a second album in the Autumn. ‘Journey Through the Roke’ which was released in April 2021. The album features many talented musicians including Toby Shaer (whistles, harmonium, flute, fiddle, bass), Evan Carson (drums, bodhran, percussion), Archie Churchill Moss of Moore Moss Rutter (melodeon) and Graham Coe of The Jellyman’s Daughter (cello).

“Accomplished, easy-on-the-ear acoustic folk-pop for grown-ups” fRoots Magazine



Clark and Johnson

Tony Clark and Karen Johnson are old favourites of Cambridge Folk Club. Their last physical appearance at the club was just before lockdown in March 2020, supporting Reg Meuross, and they have joined in the Club’s Zoom evenings. They entertain audiences at festivals, clubs, barbeques, open mics and sessions with an eclectic mix of originals and covers. Karen's luscious singing is enhanced by Tony's close harmonies and rhythmic sometimes delicate accompaniment on guitar and bouzouki. Their home-grown songs are about life and love, pre-war London, seaside trips, and festival T-shirts. Their covers are beautifully arranged. Their on-stage presence communicates pleasure and draws you in.