20191025: Friday 25th October: Showcase: Thursday's Band; Kaszak and Afifi; Lynne Heraud and Pat Turner


The music of Thursday’s Band - Lucinda Fudge (viola, fiddle, voice), Mark Gamon (guitar, voice), Matt Kelly (fiddle, mandolin, viola, voice) and Nick Blishen (guitar) - combines locked down acoustic guitars with free-flowing fiddle, viola and mandolin, topped off with tight three-part harmony. Sometimes the songs sound British, sometimes North American; sometimes they're new, sometimes they're not; sometimes they tell tall tales from the distant past, sometimes they’re poignant and personal; and sometimes they break out into wistful airs and joyful, exuberant tunes. Their first full album, ‘All We Have in Common’ is described by The Unicorn as ‘A perfect illustration of the versatility of the band and their material... Impossible to pigeon-hole... and always thought-provoking, melodic and skilfully executed...'


Kaszak and Afifi: Martin Kaszak and Faradena Afifi are a duo performing a rich variety of acoustic music and original material from Folk to Country Blues and more modern songs . Martin is known for his warm vocals and finger-picking guitar and Faradena is a talented singer and musician providing beautiful close harmonies and playing viola and cello. Their first official performance was supporting John Renbourn and Wizz Jones and Martin and Fara’s performance attracted much praise and attention from these Folk/Blues legends. Their first album is ‘The Bakers Son’.


Lynne Heraud and Pat Turner: Between them they play guitar, recorder, English concertina and a variety of whistles (including swanee, policeman's and referee's), list a spoons workshop in their hall of fame, and are not in the least averse to dressing up or dancing when a song requires it. They both agree, however, that their voices are their most important instruments. Their resulting style is a unique blend of stunning song and harmony, and a humour which takes their audience on a roller-coaster ride - "everything from high tragedy to ingenious smut in glorious vocal harmony!"




8pm (Doors open 7:30pm)

Entry: £10(door), £9(advance), £8(members).