20190125: Friday 25th January: Newcomers' Showcase with John Meed & friends


False Colours
Electro-acoustic folk duo David (electric tenor guitar and vocals) and Polly (bass and vocals) play an original mix of traditional folk, rough and ready punk/indie and catchy pop, with creative yet melodic tunes. Their highly entertaining performances are delivered with light hearted but dry humour. Although they have only been performing together since April 2018, by summer 2018 they secured a number of Festival bookings including FolkEast, LeeStock, Bures Music Festival and Bobstock; they have also been played on BBC Radio, and have already recorded their first EP, which sold well after their performance on the Soapbox Stage at FolkEast Festival.


Bity C. Booker
Bity Booker is a folk singer and songwriter based in London. She performs her original songs, folk songs and protest songs with voice and classical guitar. The effect is mystical, mainly due to Bity's precise, hypnotic fingerpicking style and elastic voice. Bity grew up in the Italian countryside in a house with many animals. This strong connection with nature has had a peculiar influence in her songwriting, and her latest release is a cassette with two songs 'Parrots in London' and 'My Pony and I'. Her music brings together subtle strains of 1960s psychedelic magic and genuine and original storytelling. Be prepared to delve deep into Bity Booker's musical world and listen to fantastic stories inspired by nature and animals, each song a character with a timeless personality and melody.


Tennessee Twin
Geoff and Victoria are an acoustic duo from Cambridge, whose music features a modern country flavour with strong vocal harmonies and varied guitar styles. They deliver an emotive take on modern country music, all with an effortless style. With over 2000 performances to their joint credit, some of them international, their musical talent is undeniable. Their song writing has also attracted international acclaim; their original song 'Wings of Red, White and Blue' won the Nashville Music City song writing competition, as judged by country stars Kip Moore and Brett James. Their success took them to record in Nashville, Tennessee in March 2018 . The resulting single is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Play.


Highwire (Johanna Lee)
In Highwire, singer/songwriter Johanna Lee and a collective of folk, jazz, blues, country musicians - amongst them Shane Gulliver, Dom Goldberg, Barry Hasler, Saul Minaees, Russell Marsh, Beverley Crome, Jess McDonald and Tom McKay - come together to make one almighty sound. Between them, the members of Highwire have worked with top ten producers, and performed with top artists and musicians, as well as appearing at notable London venues. They bring years of experience together with an enduring love of music that shines through in every song.


John Meed and friends:
John Meed and friends will be playing songs from John's new album 'Never Enough'. John, described by R2 Rock'n'Reel as: "a consummate storyteller", will be joined by Rhys Wilson on guitars, Matt Kelly on violin, Lucinda Fudge on viola and Andy Benson on bass. "Never Enough is possibly John Meed's finest work, finding him totally in control of his palette of words and ideas" (Les Ray, Unicorn). The new album tells stories "from today's cityscapes" that are "in turn punchily political and deeply personal and existential", and reviewers have found echoes of Leonard Cohen, Jacques Brel and John Lennon in the songs. "Really thought-provoking and interesting songs" (Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio Shropshire). "The rewards are worth the reaping" (Mike Davies, FATEA).



8pm (Doors open 7:30pm)

Entry: £8(door), £7(advance), £6(members).